About the company

Deliver Logistik Company has been involved in transport and forwarding of goods on the territory of Poland and abroad since 2008. It was founded on the basis of market research and its demand for a full range of services connected with transport of goods both home and abroad.

We offer many types of transport services including transport of part loads and oversized cargos. Systematic improvement upon standards of logistic services and taking advantage of modern communication forms are our priority. The company is responsible for overall organization of the transport orders including the formalities. Thanks to having permanent contracts with carriers home and abroad all over Europe we can provide a full range of transport-goods forwarding services.

Depending on the cargo type we organize fast and efficient transport, according to high standards and with special focus on safety to ensure safe delivery of each package we are given responsibility for. It is our primary goal to respect the customers? needs which makes us a flexible provider of transport services.
Each client is treated individually and exceptionally, each piece of freight is given as much attention as it needs to be safely delivered to its destination.
We focus on high quality, precision, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

About the company


Deliver Logistik

Tel.: +48 885 512 512
Fax: +48 52 373 90 29
Email: biuro@deliverlogistik.pl